At Compass, we speak on various topics to schools, community groups, churches, and businesses. We have provided staff training, development, and education throughout the Chicago area. The list below summarizes many of the seminars we have presented. If you are interested in a topic not specifically mentioned below, please give us a call and we can work with you to customize a training that meets your needs.



  • Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Need Parents with Boundaries (Brenda Olsen)
  • Boundaries with Children (Nancy Vitacco)
  • Understanding and Managing Your Young Child’s Behavior (Nancy Vitacco)
  • Growing Girls (Pam Johnson)
  • Helping Your Teen Transition into Adulthood (Thomas Purnell)

Personal Growth

  • Making the Most of Mid-Life for Men (Scott Gibson)
  • Wired for Adventure: Men & Internet Issues (Scott Gibson)
  • When Harm Happens: Healing, Trauma, and Abuse (Scott Gibson)
  • Finding the Power in Your Story (Scott Gibson)
  • How to Tend to the Inner World without Falling into the Rabbit Hole: Spiritual Practices for the Soul (Troy McLennan)
  • Worried To Death: How to Weave Hope Back into the Fabric of Your Life (Troy McLennan)
  • It’s Not the Real Deal: Overcoming Pornography & the Issues it Brings (Troy McLennan)
  • Run YOUR Race:  How to Balance the Pace of Life with Emotional Health (Troy McLennan)
  • Suicide Prevention and Warning Signs  (Nancy Vitacco)
  • What Do I Do with My Baggage? (Pam Johnson)
  • Depression for Dummies (Pam Johnson)
  • Establishing Personal and Professional Boundaries (Brenda Olsen)
  • The Boundary-less Day: Learning to Take Leadership of Your Life (Brenda Olsen)
  • The Pain Of Perfectionism (Brenda Olsen)
  • Creating Teamwork and Healthy Communication in the Workplace (Brenda Olsen)
  • Living with Peer Pressure (Thomas Purnell)
  • Enneagram for Who You Are (Thomas Purnell)
  • Dealing with Depression as a Young Adult (Thomas Purnell)
  • Anger Management for Teens (Thomas Purnell)
  • The Power of Forgiveness (Ken Hewett)


  • Building Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Intimacy into Your Marriage (Brenda Olsen)
  • Making Peace – Restoring Broken Relationships (Brenda Olsen)
  • Healthy Ways to Resolve Conflict (Ken Hewett)
  • How A Parent’s Marriage Impacts Their Children (Pam Johnson)